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The Piazza:
Stories from Piazza Santa Caterina 

The debut book from award winning writer Bob Brush.
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ABout the Author

BOB BRUSH is an Emmy Award winning writer-composer and Executive Producer of ABC’s The Wonder Years, for which he also received Peabody and Humanitas Awards. He wrote and produced the CBS hit series Early Edition and ABC’s Karen Sisco, as well as adapting the novels The Prince of Tides and Scruples for television. Brush was the Pitchpipe of the 1969 Yale Whiffenpoofs, and composed the score for the Broadway musical The First, about baseball immortal Jackie Robinson. He lives in Hudson, NY with his wife, actress/writer Mel Harris. Their four children live all over the place. Bob loves hearing from his readers and discussing The Piazza. Reach out to let him know what you think or if you'd like The Piazza to be a part of your book club. The Piazza: Stories from Piazza Santa Caterina Piccola is his first book.

The Piazza

On a tiny piazza in an obscure Italian hilltop town, circa 1933, remarkable things are happening. From the window of his mother's bakery a young boy, Niccolò, sees it all: a pickpocket who purloins human emotions; a beggar who summons the voice of God from the town well; two young lovers whose passion changes history; a blind silent-movie accompanist. An exotic princess held captive in the local nunnery, a blackshirt bent on revenge and, hovering over all, the looming shadow of fascism and Benito Mussolini. In The Piazza: Stories from Piazza Santa Caterina Piccola citizens of this unexpected and improbable place find themselves bound together by their hopes, their lies, their humanity and their destiny, unbowed in the face of onrushing war and certain catastrophe. It's a heartwarming, heartbreaking, always funny, sometimes tragic, fantastical love song to a time and place that no longer exist - if in fact they ever existed at all.

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"The Piazza is a delight. These tales evoke the magic of Calvino's most beguiling works and the conscience-searing observations of Joyce's Dubliners. There's humor and wisdom in these stories, and beauty too, and - delivered so deftly you don't see it coming - the hard punch of history.


Author of The Weight of Ink,

Winner of the National Jewish Book Award

and the John Gardner Fiction Award

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